Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Counter Strike DOG 1.6 Final

Counter Strike DOG 1.6 Final
Year:2011 | PC Game | Eng Rus | Developer: license | Publication Type: license | 696.66 MB
Genre: FPS, action
Continuation of the popular game where you have a unique opportunity to speak out against global terrorism, commanding a group of Russian special forces "ALPHA" Your squad - it's best fighters, the last severe special training. You have been taught to use everything: the most deadly weapons and the most modern tehnichiskimi devices, so that now the result will depend on your skills, teamwork and responsiveness to changing combat environment. The game is very different from the usual CS 1.6. Fans of classic rock at will, but it is worth it.

System Requirements:.
* P-3 1.5GHz
* 256 MB RAM
* 64MB Video

- Completely changed the game physics;
- Graphics game closer to reality in all;
- Completely changed the game main menu;
- Changed the model and texture of the hands (in the game there are Russian trunks as:
"PP-19 Bizon"
"BBC Vintorez"
"SVD Dragunov"
"RP Kalashnikov"
- Changed player models;
- Reworked the interface of the game;
- Fixed and also added new, more realistic sounds;
- Fixed some bugs in the game engine;
- When you hit on the weapons fell going up the side;
- Weapons now on an inclined plane properly, rather than horizontally;
- Now would be replaced by day and night (gradually);
- If you get reduced speed (as in real life);
- Also, if go to any major organ, death occur after a certain period
In general, even the most absurd chamber becomes dangerous;
- New effects of grenades: now m-61 grenade can be killed, the screen is shaking, ringing in the ears, bruise for a short time.
New effect fleshgranaty (flash of light in an explosion at fractions of seconds). Smoke is now replaced by gas (the opportunity thus smoke Terry rooms with a hostage);
- Grenades can now choose among those killed;
- Now you can buy besides grenades are two other types of mines: (first take off in growth rate from the ground and explodes, the second exploded when the foot and the shot on it)
- Body armor can now upgrade to titanium for an additional fee;
- First aid kits are now also can be purchased for a fee dopolnitelnyyu (not more than 3 pcs.) But if used improperly, can turn a player can overdose and die;
- Now you can treat a friend on the team when suddenly he had no first-aid kit;
- Knives can now throw an opponent to 10 pc;
- The hostages are now more intelligent, can climb stairs, tunnels and can be moved to another location
- Well, as well as the opportunity to play on the internet, lok.seti, with the bots (which are "pindetse" you tear "as tuzik radiators");

Download from wupload.com


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