Monday, December 26, 2011

Download Dragon Ball Heroes Mugen Edition 2011 PC Game

It works on all operating systems without any resistance.So I do not see any strange tables, and we will never have trouble with the exception of the game. The graphical appearance of this game is probably the best of all parts.

And the music is perfectly matched and matched so she adds a great atmosphere. This is a 2D format fighting game based on the famous Dragon Ball Z series high resolution graphics. There are four different play modes: Arcade, two-player action, team battles and training. This allows for a whole range of possibilities. You also have a choice of difficulty level, which allows you to enjoy the game fully. This game contains 100 CharactersIf you want to play the game on Full? Screen press Alt+Enter

Link Download Dead :(


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Anonymous said...

link mati gan

tinov nugroho said...

cheat ya gmana itu kaka

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