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Download Rallisport Challenge Full PC Game

Originallyreleased for Microsofts Xbox video game console in March, RallisportChallenge was one of the best driving games on the system by virtue ofits gorgeous graphics, well-designed tracks, and great variety of cars.The game was developed by Battlefield 1942 creator Digital Illusions,and its publisher Microsoft has since opted to release the game on thePC. And racing fans who dont own an Xbox will be pleased to know thatnothing was lost in the translation. In fact, Rallisport Challenge forthe PC even has a few key bonuses that werent in the Xbox version,including noticeably sharper graphics and the ability to play online.

RallisportChallenge is actually like four different rally games in one. There area total of 41 tracks spread across 12 different environments, and eachenvironment is the setting for one of four unique rally types. There arethe traditional rally races, wherein you race against the clockthroughout a series of checkpoints; ice racing, which involves competingagainst three other opponents on icy, slippery roads; hill climbs,which are similar to rally races except that your overall objective isto scale a mountain as fast as possible; and rally cross events, whichare circuit-based races against other drivers on tracks that haveseveral different types of terrain, like mud, gravel, or asphalt. To beprecise, the tracks in the game consist of one of six different terraintypes, and each one has a dramatic effect on the way your car handles.Tarmac, for example, provides for extraordinary grip but makes itsomewhat difficult for you to turn a corner with a powerslide--atechnique thats a staple of rally racing. Gravel and mud, on the otherhand, will affect how fast you accelerate in a straight line, but therelative lack of traction makes it easier to push your car around turns.Before every race, youre given the option of choosing a tire compoundthats best suited to the current track conditions, but things such aschanging weather conditions (a light drizzle at the start of a racemight clear up by the time you cross the finish line) and multiplesurface types (some tracks consist of mud and gravel or tarmac and sand)add a bit of challenge to this selection process.

As youdprobably expect from a racing game, Rallisport Challenge is split upbetween a persistent career mode and a quick race mode designed to getyou in and out of a race as fast as possible. A third option, a timeattack mode, is also available. Time attack is similar to quick race,but in it, you compete against the clock, not other cars. Obviously, thegames core lies in the career mode, in which you create a persona andcompete in a series of 19 events that are split up across fourdifficulty levels. Each of these events is made up of anywhere fromthree to nine individual rally, hill climb, rally cross, or ice races,and youll get points for driving each course faster than the postedtimes for first, second, and third place.

Initially, only theeasiest series of races is available to you, but as you rack up enoughpoints, youll unlock subsequent events. If you didnt think you gave acertain series of races your best shot, you can go back and try itagain, though youll lose all the points that you gained in your lastrun, so theres a bit of risk involved in reattempting old races.Interestingly enough, you also get points for completing each race withas little damage to your car as possible. If you arent careful, yourcar can end up with broken taillights, shattered windows, and bentfenders, and the more scrapes and bruises that your car accrues, thefewer points youll get at the end of each race. However, no matter howmuch you bang up your cars, damage has no effect on their handling orperformance.

Setup Instruction

1- Extract Rar File
2- Mount ISO file with DAEMON Tools (Or whatever)
3- Click Setup.exe to Instal the Game
4- Copy All Content No-CD-Patch Folder to the Folder Game Directory
5- Play & Have Fun .................... Enjoy ;)

Note : You can change language after Installation

 Minimum System Requirements

* Os : Windows@98/ME/2000/Windows@XP
* Processor : CPU Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or higher
* Graphic Card : 32 MB Compatible with DirectX@8.1 (Nvidia GeForce 2MX / ATI Radeon 7000 chipset)
* Memory : 128 MB of RAM
* HDD : 2 GB free Space Drive
* Sound Card : DirectX@8.1 Compatible
* DirectX@ : DirectX@8.1
* Keyboard/Mouse
* DVD-Rom Drive 4x Speed

Recommanded System Requirements

* Os : Windows@98/ME/2000/Windows@XP
* Processor : CPU Intel Pentium IV 1.5 GHz or higher
* Graphic Card : 64 MB Compatible with DirectX@8.1 (Nvidia GeForce 4 / ATI Radeon 9000 chipset)
* Memory : 256 MB of RAM
* HDD : 2 GB free Space Drive
* Sound Card : DirectX@8.1 Compatible
* DirectX@ : DirectX@8.1
* Keyboard/Mouse
* DVD-Rom Drive 4x Speed

Link Donwload
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