Monday, January 16, 2012

Download Game Army Men Sarge's War for PC Mediafire

. Defeat your eternal foe the Tan Army with authentic weapons such as carbine rifle, assault rifles, shotguns, bazookas, sniper rifles, grenades, flamethrowers, time-bombs, mounted machine guns, and more.

. Grittier gameplay featuring immersive interactive environments.

. Updated and streamlined targeting system will allow the player full control over his environment-and what to shoot.

. 12 levels of gameplay-play in both the real world and the world of toys.

. Improved AI. Enemies duck, cover, flank your positions, and generally try to kill you as intensely as you try to kill them.

. Deconstruction effects. This effect allows you to specifically target certain environments or body parts of your foe for exciting gameplay. Blast a leg off of a Tan soldier and watch as he hops around trying to kill you. Also, as toys, melting and chipping effects are central to the gameplay

System requirements:
Minimum: P3-450, 128MB RAM, 16MB Video
Recommended: P4-1000, 256MB RAM, 32MB Video

Link Download 72 Mb Per Part


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