Thursday, April 19, 2012

Download Game Half Life 2 Nightmare House 2

Half Life 2: Nightmare House 2 is the sequel remake not only in spirit, but also on the plot.Thus, in one "package" with the sequel and you will get a remake (the plot of which, we recall the main character gets into an accident and was forced to go into an abandoned house not far from the scene), which here is the plot a prologue to the second part, and is closely related with its history.But back to the sequel.The plot starts at the very moment when the protagonist, a man without a name and past, awakens in one of the chambers of a psychiatric clinic with an optimistic name Never Lose Hope Hospital.Around lie the corpses of members of the staff, before the eyes of lurking suspiciously familiar to the dead girl, show heightened interest in our person, and the building was flooded from nowhere vylezshie monsters.The instructions of the sole survivor of the hospital staff, Dr. Romero, you have to make its way to freedom.But for this we have to go through a protégé of such nightmares, after which the nine circles of Hell seem flowers.

  • In this version of my integrated mini-patch in which there is:
  • Fix for some unmapped textures (the problem of the original version of mod)
  • Replaced the sound of a pistol and smg to a higher quality
  • Integrated Russian translation (subtitles)
  • Assembly is based on the original files and file mode of the HL2 GCF archives.
System requirements:
  • System: Windows family (XP, Vista, Seven)
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz
  • Memory: 512 Mb
  • Video card: 256 Mb
  • Hard disk space: 5 Gb (NTFS

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Anonymous said...

gan, gimana cara nyatuin nya? tq

neweby said...

pakak winrar gan tingal di extrack yg part 1 nanti ngikut semua kok

monkey king said...

gan klo spesifikasi pc ane kya gni bisa gak?
Amd athlon 2,4 ghz
ram 892 mb ddr2
vga onboard geforce 6150 512 mb
trus klo mau maen pes 2011/2012 kurang apnya lagi ya tolong pencerahannya gan makasih

neweby said...

Klo untuk maen game HL bisa gan.. tapi klo agan mau lebih garang lagi tingal di upgrade VGA agan dan tambah lagi RAM nya jadi 2GB pasti lancar gan :|

mongkey king said...

trus gni gan kira2 vga yg cocok untuk pc ane tadi apa ya trus badget yg pling murah berapa yah?
Klo processor ane tuh udh cocok untk bisa maen pes 2012...?
Satu lagi nie gan game yg seru yg cocok sma spesifikasi ane sekarang menurut agan ap yah?
Sry yah gan banyak nanya ane nih hehehe

neweby said...

untuk VGA bisa mkek ini gan Sapphire HD 6570 1Gb 128Bit DDR3 klo memang budged agan limit harganya sekitar 650K kinerja udah lumayan apalagi klo hanya sekedar Game PES 2012 klo prosesor udah lumayan tergantung agan mau upgrade apa gak :))
klo game tergantung dari genre apa yg agan suka apa FPS Racing or adventur?
itu tadi tambah VGA
HD 6570 1Gb 128Bit DDR3
sama RAM jadi 2 atau 4GB =))

monkey king said...

klo game dua2nya ane suka gan,tapi yang pling utama adventure gan...apa ya kira2?

monkey king said...

oh ya satu lagi gan gni gan kan ane punya pes 2008 tapi pemain2nya yang lama2,agan tau gk klo mau nyari patch terbarunya dmana...? Apa ada situsnya ato gk...? Soalnya kata org mah tinggal nyari aj

neweby said...

klo adventure yg gak ada matinya itu GTA gan =))
hmmm pacth PES 2008 ya agan tingal gooling aja bnyak kok yg nyediain nya

monkey king said...

gan gta kan bnyak versinya klo gta vice city msuk gk yah? Klo gk masuk gta ap yg msuk tpi yg agk2 bru gtu?
Trus masalah patch pes 2008 ane udh pernah dowload tapi gk bisa dpake...mungkin agan tau situs untuk ngdownloadnya klo agan tau tolong pencerahannya lagi yah gan hehehehe

neweby said...

gta vice city juga bgus kok gan tapi bagusan jiga GTA 4 gan
msalah Pacth PES 2008 mungkin agan bisa msuk sini baca2 dulu di forum nya baru di download

=)) =)) =))

monkey king said...

ok makasih atas pencerahannya gan lain kali ane mau nanya2 lagi ya gan hehege, sukses selalu gan....
Oh tapi itu gta4/vice city udah cocok sma spesifikasi pc ane yg sekarang gan...?

neweby said...

ok gan sama2 :D jgn lpa maen2 kesini gan :)
klo GTA Vice City udh bisa kok di PC agan

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