Monday, June 4, 2012

Download Game Scorpion Disfigured

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Scorpion: Disfigured offers fast 1st person shooter gameplay with an intriguing story and innovative game elements. Thanks to the sophisticated and often surprisingly active AI, choosing the right weapon and a tactical approach vital. In addition, there is increased attention to horror elements for an intense and terrifying game experience! It is the year the 2048. The earth is an infinite chain of regional civil wars and international terrorism in many areas of the Middle East and Southeast Europe, only one devastated by tribal feuds ravaged country with a few islands of relative stability. In this situation, is an agent of an American secret service the contract, largely destroyed in Bosnia a chemically-large industrial complex to infiltrate. His weapons: a secret battle suit, which was developed there - and the knowledge of this complex fled scientist. His mission: a virus then bred to find, the rumors that accepts people of religious suicide bombers transforms. What he finds is far worse.

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