Friday, June 8, 2012

Download Game Torchlight 1.2

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"If you know you know Diablo is our game."
Torchlight is the work of Schaefer brothers, the authors of Blizzard North Diablo in collaboration with Travis Baldree - also author of a famous RPG - Fate. So there is nothing surprising Baldree statement as above. Has the same structure, with the Diablo style, and were created by people who created Diablo, Torchlight is expected manufacturers Diablo 2 is not simply a transfer of Diablo.

The story begins when people find a source of minerals in the town of Torchlight Ember. Ember is a key component of alchemy and is a major factor for the magic. Understand Ember means holding the power and wealth unparalleled. People began to flock here in search of precious minerals and accidentally dug up what has been buried past. Demons filled up from the mines threaten the existence of the town.

You must be eradicated off the dark forces to save the town as well as the source of pure precious Ember. Your adventure includes mines, relics of ancient civilizations, from the devil's lair underground until the final lair of the devil king.

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